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About & Credits

Our thanks

This CSR-site would not have been possible without the help of all Schibsted colleagues in our different companies around the world that have shared their cases. Thank you for telling the stories on how we care about our users, our people and the world around us. This website is a first step in documenting and developing Schibsted’s CSR strategy. It will be updated continuously and new cases will be added. If you have any suggestions on futher cases that are good examples on how we care, please send an email to

Schibsted Media Group: How we care

Editor in chief: Lena K Samuelsson
Editors: Ann Axelsson, Mari Vonen, Hans Bylund
Images: Linus Sundahl-Djerf, Pontus Orre, Pål Karlsen, Malin Hoelstad, Stig B. Hansen, Astrid Hexeberg, Tomas Oneborg, Magnus Wennman, Line Møller, Bjørn Lindahl, Lasse Allard, Kjartan Bielland, Anders Minge, Kimm Saatvedt

Concept and poduction: BerntzonBylund