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The environmental issue is a global responsibility. At Schibsted we are striving to minimize our environmental footprint and to empower people to make environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives. Through our media houses we create awareness and initiate debates in this matter.

Nature concerns us all. The choices we make today will affect generations to come. To create awareness and debate is an important contribution to make us all be more environmental friendly and to put pressure on politicians and institutions. At Schibsted there also is another way to dramatically help reducing the environmental footprint – reuse.

Scibsted has online classified services in 22 countries that provide online secondhand shopping. Whether the motivation is saving money, a passion for vintage clothing or furniture, or a desire to make sustainable choices, the impact is the same; reuse contributes to reducing the environmental impact.

It has an immediate effect – when shopping a secondhand item, you probably won’t buy one that is recently produced – thus avoiding the environmental footprint that is caused by it. Until recently we couldn’t tell how much this actually matters.

But to emphasize the importance of secondhand shopping Schibsted has calculated the Second Hand Effect from eight major marketplaces in Europe. The number is striking – users on these sites potentially saved 16,3 million tons carbon dioxide in 2016.

In Sweden, the Schibsted companies contribute to saving energy on a daily basis. Our office building in Stockholm is an example of energy efficiency; inside we also put effort in recycling and take other environmentally friendly actions. The digitalization of the media industry has also led to a a significant decrease when it comes to paper consumption and the emissions related to that.

Schibsted also takes part in several global initiatives, such as The United Nations’ Global Compact and the Carbon Disclosure Project.