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A green house

Commuters create the heat, Lake Klara the cold. The conference centre is furnished with great second hand stuff from our classified site Blocket. Our Swedish headquarters – Schibstedhuset – located in central Stockholm, is one of the world’s most advanced office buildings in terms of energy-efficient solutions and materials.

When our Swedish companies were moving in together to one building in Stockholm, the environment issues was an important factor.

In the relocation process, Schibsted Sverige made several conscious choices to reduce its environmental impact.

The new building, situated close to the central railway station, has an energy consumption that is a third of what is usual for equivalent buildings. Surplus energy is obtained by recovering excess body heat produced by the 200 000 commuters passing through Central Station every day. Cooling is provided by Lake Klara (a canal in central Stockholm).

Lots of other measures were also taken when moving in: effective use of office space, video conferencing facilities, indoor environmental requirements, lighting control, follow-me printing systems, environmental requirements for cleaning services, coordination of transport and systematic waste management are some examples.


Interior from Schibsted Sweden HQ

According to a study conducted in cooperation with KTH (Stockholm Royal institute of Technology), our Swedish operations have reduced their environmental impact by more than 50 percent since relocating to Schibstedhuset in 2011.

The study also showes that one of the most important measures was to gather all the Swedish companies in one building, especially considering that transports now only have one destination instead of several.

Schibsted Sverige gauges the environmental impact of its energy consumption, business travel, transport, and commuting on an annual basis. A report is prepared with a detailed analysis and a breakdown of the main figures. The key results are presented to the Swedish management team.

Schibsted Sverige also has several ongoing initiatives, including development of an environmental policy and an application for environmental certification for Schibstedhuset.

On a corporate level we at Schibsted annually report to the Carbon Disclosure Project the carbon emissions of our 20 largest subsidiaries. All companies in Schibsted Media Group operate in compliance with applicable environmental regulations, and the majority of our subsidiaries have established measures for waste recycling.