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Green power from Kundkraft

From January 2015 it’s all green. Schibsted’s digital service Kundkraft makes sure that its members’ electricity contract is automatically renegotiated so they always know that they have the best possible price. Now all customers get energy from the sun, water and wind.

It all started in 1999 and the idea was to simplify consumers’ search for the best electricity deal. As a new user all you have to do is fill out a form on the site. Kundkraft gets the facts they need from your current electricity company and then negotiates a new contract at their electricity auction. They then watch the contract and renegotiate when it runs out.

Today there are about 200 000 members. And the fact that Kundkraft is able to negotiate for groups collectively is the reason behind the good deals.

Together the users are a powerful and attractive force.

Now all of these 200 000 members get environmentally friendly energy only. All the companies that Kundkraft negotiates with have to offer electricity from the sun, wind or water.

”We could see that more and more of our customers wanted a green alternative, and we wanted to contribute to a more environmentally friendly society by pushing the market to offer green electricity at the same price as other alternatives”, says Mia Lekberg, CEO.

And the change is here. In Sweden, the production and use of renewable energy is increasing year by year. In 1990, 33 percent of all electricity usage in Sweden came from renewable energy, in 2015 it was 52 percent.

As Staffan Jacobsson, professor at Chalmers Institute of Technology, said in an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet:

– We have great conditions for renewable energy in Sweden. It would be a scandal if we don’t manage to create a renewable electricity system in the future.

Mia Lekberg, CEO Kundkraft

Mia Lekberg, CEO Kundkraft