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Changing people's lives

In 2016 1,205,731 jobs contracts were signed, using the Infojobs platform in Spain.  Infojobs calls it the number of  ”alegrias” – happy moments. They’re in the business of helping people change their lives.

In Spain the financial crisis hit hard in 2009 and unemployment rates are still high at somewhat 17 %.

As the leading job portal in Spain, Infojobs places a great importance on the social dimension of its business. There has been special focus at increasing employability among people particularly affected by the financial crisis and at risk of exclusion – such as the young, the unemployed, and the disabled – and promoting values of labor and employment.

In 2015 they organized the Infojobs challange to help 1 million Spaniards finding jobs.  At an event in Madrid, Infojobs brought together coaching professionals and HR experts to help candidates improve their chances of finding a job. Participants were also able to improve their skills and get advice from top-level companies such as IKEA, Securitas Direct, Phone House, Randstad and Grupo Vips.

Watch the movie from the event in Madrid:

Infojobs has since kept supporting people who are looking for a job. They participate in face-to face events, offering free CV-workshops, interview coaching, tips on how to use the job platform properly in order to find a job or how to take advantage of personal branding and social media when looking for a job.

Today seven out of ten online job opportunities i Spain can be found on Infojobs, every year 70 000 companies use the platform to find employees and one out of three people who apply, find a job.