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Changing people's lives

In 2015 the goal is to help 1 million people finding jobs. Infojobs in Spain takes on a challenge that they hope will reduce the high unemployment rates in the country. Or – as Infojobs puts it – they will help people change their lives.

In Spain the financial crisis has hit hard and an unemployment rate above 20 percent has a severe impact on society. There is almost 47 million people in Spain. This means that 9.4 million individuals don’t have a job today.

As the leading job portal in Spain, Infojobs places a great importance on the social dimension of its business. There has been special focus at increasing employability among people particularly affected by the financial crisis and at risk of exclusion – such as the young, the unemployed, and the disabled – and promoting values of labor and employment. Now they’re determined to help 1 million Spaniards finding jobs. To kickstart the 2015 goal, Infojobs organized an event in june that attracted hundreds of participants.

We’ve launched the Infojobs Challenge initiative with the aim to help candidates improve their work situation and prepare them to find the job they are looking for,” says Jaume Gurt, CEO of InfoJobs.

At the event in Madrid, Infojobs brought together coaching professionals and HR experts to help candidates improve their chances of finding a job. Participants were also able to improve their skills and get advice from top-level companies such as IKEA, Securitas Direct, Phone House, Randstad and Grupo Vips.

Watch the movie from the event in Madrid:

– Empowering people in their daily life is Schibsted’s mission, and also the main goal of Infojobs Challenge. We also look forward to making this number grow exponentially year by year, says Frode Nordseth, CEO of Schibsted Spain.

Let’s all hope they reach the goal, as one effort to change statistics.