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Printing plants

Our most significant environmental footprint comes from our printing plants. Schibsted Norway currently owns four printing plants in Norway. In 2014, paper related emissions accounted for 76 % of our total emissions[1]. As a direct consequence of the digitalization of the Scandinavian media industry, the paper consumption levels at our printing plants continue to decrease. From 2010 to 2014 the emissions related to paper consumption has decreased with 34 % and now amount to 48 065.7 tons CO2 equivalents.

Our printing plants operate according to Lean principles which include a focus on minimizing the use of resources. All our printing plants have a high focus on the environmental footprint of all elements in the production process. Up to the printing stage, production of the Group’s newspapers is a digital process and has a limited impact on the external environment.

A newspaper printing plant has a relatively neutral effect on the environment, and the chemicals used to produce the newspapers are treated as special waste and recycled as far as possible. Agreements with approved transport companies ensure safe collection of special waste. Negotiations with paper suppliers are conducted at Group level, and all paper suppliers to our plants meet strict environmental criteria such as the Swan Eco Label, the Forest Stewardship Council, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

If polluting chemicals are used, the processes take place in closed systems. Source separation processes have been introduced for almost every type of waste. Our printing plants in Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen separate as much as 99 percent of its waste. Special waste is collected by approved transport companies, and the general volume of waste has been significantly reduced. Waste paper, cardboard, waste products from paper reels, and undistributed newspapers account for as much as 96 percent of the total waste volume.

The printing plant in Oslo is a member of Grønt Punkt, a waste recovery and recycling company, and pays an environmental fee to ensure proper treatment of all packaging and supervision of external suppliers. The Oslo printing plant issues annual environmental reports on their environmental policy and on the environmental impact of their printing processes.

All the printing plants owned by Schibsted in Norway are licensed under the Nordic Eco Label scheme to use the Swan Eco Label on all printed matter produced. The Swan Eco Label is the best known and most frequently used ecolabeling scheme in the Nordic countries. Our Swedish Media Houses use V-TAB for most of their printings. V-TAB operates a system for environmental and quality control, and nine of its ten printing plants are certified under ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008.

[1] Based on calculated emissions from our largest subsidiaries.