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Integrity is one of Schibsted Media Group’s core values. Our company is based on a long tradition of independent news, information and transparent marketplaces. Trustworthiness and quality are absolutely essential – people must be able to trust all our products and services.

Schibsted Media Group has for many years demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that we uphold high standards of integrity. Integrity is decisive for earning and maintaining the trust on which we as a media company depend, and has always been a vital part of how we do business. The requirement for editorial freedom and integrity is stated in our Articles of Association. Although we have grown from a Norwegian media house to an international company with online business operations, we continue to uphold integrity as one of our core values.

Integrity matters in everything we do: from our journalistic and editorial processes, ensuring that our users’ data is protected and that our sites are transparent and safe, providing the financial markets with reliable financial information, to the way we treat our colleagues and business partners.

We have established several processes and procedures to maintain this integrity. Our Code of Conduct is at the very core of how we behave, and applies to everyone in Schibsted from our Group Board members to all our people. In addition, we have principles that apply to our various lines of business and functions such as our editorial governance framework, our privacy program and our policies.

We also support several global initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact and the Carbon Disclosure Project that promotes increased transparency on social and environmental issues. We report to these organizations on an annual basis. Schibsted is also a member of organizations such as Transparency International which promotes anti-corruption standards worldwide, and the CSR Media Forum where European media companies meet to discuss and tackle the societal and environmental issues faced by the media industry as a whole.