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Consumer safety

For our classifieds operations and online services, responsible business implies creating marketplaces that are reliable, effective, and safe for our users. Our classifieds sites work proactively to prevent various forms of undesirable activity such as advertising of illegal or unethical products, illegal marketing, and fraud.

All the online marketplaces and portals operate under a set of rules to prevent fraud and advertising of illegal or unethical goods. All our sites inform users of the terms and conditions of use, and several have also implemented comprehensive and transparent consumer safety and privacy policies. Principles and advice for consumer safety are also included on our marketplaces and services sites.We practice a zero-tolerance policy with respect to fraud, and work proactively and strategically on security. Furthermore, our sites cooperate with authorities such as the police and customs agencies to prevent fraudulent activities on our sites.

In 2014, our Swedish classified company Blocket was nominated to the prestigious security award Säkerhetsnålen (The Safety Pin). The jury highlighted Blocket’s continuous proactive customer safety, which includes inspection of all – and extended checks of some – ads, filtering emails and profiling patterns. There is also a limitation of permitted products and services and Blocket has developed solutions for safer payment, put focus on the sublease and launched the film ‘Stop the Internet Fraudster’.

“A very important part of our work is to inform our users how to act in order to buy and sell safely. The animated film “Stop the Internet Fraudster” is a way for us to reach a wide audience and in a simple way explain what to consider when buying and selling things on Blocket,” says Thomas Bäcker, Head of Customer Security at Blocket.

Blocket works tirelessly with information dissemination and good partnerships to increase risk awareness, prevent fraud and create a secure online shop.