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Consumer safety

In a digital age, transparency, safety and integrity are prerequisites for ensuring trust and a sustainable business model. This applies not only to our journalistic process and our online services, but also to other domains such as privacy, user safety and data protection.

Our Global Fraud Protection program helps us exceed and develop a comprehensive fraud detection and review solution. The program aims to provide our users with a safe environment and high-quality, spam- free content and leads they can trust, and to help our companies protect their business and reputation through high-quality, cost- effective moderation tools that meet compliance and local regulation requirements.

To protect our brand reputations and meet the data security expectations Schibsted maintains an information security management across our group, supported within each division. Our work is coordinated through the Group CIO and our approach to data security is to proactively integrate security across all layers of our business operations to proactively protect against cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities. Our security management system is built upon industry proven security best practices, integrating security controls and principles from ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and OWASP security standards.

Schibsted has defined security policies and guidelines that are implemented across our companies. This comprehensive security system approach includes critical security controls within the following security management domains:

  • Access Security Controls
  • Application Security Management
  • Product and Application Security Design
  • Network Security Management
  • Vulnerability Lifecycle Management
  • 3rd Party Security Management
  • Security Monitoring and Security Incident Management
  • Security Awareness and Security Training
  • Security Compliance

Fraud detection and review of user content are important business issues across many product areas, including our advertising, identity and payment functions. Our media houses have implemented several measures to prevent harassment, threats, and hate speech. Our moderators monitor debates and remove comments that are deemed inappropriate or illegal, and the comment fields for certain articles may be closed temporarily at the discretion of the publisher in order to prevent hateful comments and harassment.

All our operations follow national legislation for marketing. In Norway the Marketing Act forbids marketing directed at children, and in Sweden the Consumer Agency has compiled rules and practices governing marketing to children and minors.

The responsibility for upholding laws related to responsible marketing lies firmly with our publishers and editors. Our Media houses in Norway also follow the Press Code of Ethics, which also contains rules on marketing.

For our marketplace operations, responsible business implies creating marketplaces that are reliable, efficient, and safe for our users. Our classifieds sites work proactively to prevent various forms of undesirable activity such as advertising of illegal or unethical products, illegal marketing, and fraud.

Reference is also made to the Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement, which is resolved by the Board. All our operations follow national marketing legislation.

All the online marketplaces operate under a set of rules to prevent fraud and advertising of illegal or unethical goods. Our policy for our sites is to inform users of the terms and conditions of use and provide good and efficient information as well as control options for end users with respect to privacy and use of their data. Principles and guidance on consumer safety are also included on our marketplace and service sites.

We practice a zero-tolerance policy with respect to fraud, and work strategically on user security. We monitor and prevent planned, unforeseen and actual cyberattacks to ensure that our products and services are always available to our users and that our users are safe while using our marketplaces and services.