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Editorial governance

One of Schibsted Media Group’s prime responsibilities is to ensure editorial freedom, integrity and the right to freedom of speech. The free media plays a critical role in underpinning strong, viable democracies. Schibsted’s Articles of Association state that the shareholders shall enable Schibsted to operate its information business in such a way that editorial freedom and integrity are fully ensured.

In 2011, Schibsted’s Editors’ Forum adopted a framework for editorial governance in the group’s publishing businesses. This framework safeguards the principle of editorial freedom and defines it explicitly for the benefit of Schibsted’s publishing companies in countries where this principle is not enshrined in local law. It states that:

  • a Schibsted editor shall promote freedom of opinion and defend the democratic values of society, with full respect for human rights, equality, and diversity
  • a Schibsted editor shall have personal and full responsibility for all content, including advertising, and shall ensure its integrity in every respect
  • a Schibsted editor has a free and independent role, and is entitled to independent leadership of the editorial department and editorial activities and to the freedom to shape editorial opinions within the framework of the fundamental ideas of the medium
  • a Schibsted editor shall ensure a form of journalism that makes it clear to the reader what is being presented as information and facts and what is being presented as the opinion of the medium
  • a Schibsted editor shall make it clear to the reader what is independent editorial content and what is commercial promotion
  • a Schibsted editor shall focus on editorial quality and credibility and shall establish ethical and journalistic standards to this end. The ethical guidelines should cover journalistic research as well as publishing
  • a Schibsted editor shall protect freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the principle of public access to official documents, the free flow of information, and free access to sources
  • a Schibsted editor shall protect individuals and groups against injustice and shall report matters of public interest