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Labour rights

Our employees are our greatest assets and in order to succeed in a rapidly changing world, management and employees must pull together, listen to each other and create a good environment and climate. The fundamental base for this is to recognize international and national conventions and legislation on labour standards.

Schibsted supports and values international human rights principles, and works to ensure that the Group is not involved in any breaches of human rights. An important element in these efforts is the right to freedom of expression. We recognise our employees’ right to freedom of association, collective negotiations, and employee representatives.
Schibsted recognises the International Labour Organization’s fundamental conventions and national legislation on labour standards. Employee representation is safeguarded in several ways.

  • Employee representatives have been in place since autumn 2007. From September 2012 we extended from two to three representatives. Their function is laid down in the central Norwegian agreements. The employee representatives should uphold the interests of all employees, both unionised and non-unionised, in cases which are dealt with at the group level. Two of three group employee representatives must be elected in Norway, the other in the country which has the most central importance to the Schibsted Group at the relevant time outside Norway. This is currently Sweden. The three employee representatives are eligible to be elected to the board.
  • Schibsted European Works Council was established in 2004 in accordance with EU guidelines and is entended to serve as a forum for information, dialogue and consultation between emplyees at the Group Management Team. The Council meets twice a year.

Principles governing equal opportunities are stated in our Code of conduct. We will ensure that employment-related decisions are based on relevant qualifications, merit, performance, and other job-related factors, and we will not tolerate discrimination in employment. Schibsted recognizes the importance of gender balance, and has integrated this aspect in our recruitment and development processes.

To develop Schibsted in line with our ambitions we are working systematically to improve the organization, including identifying and developing skills in all companies. Leadership training, continuous improvement, sales and market knowledge are key elements in the group’s development of expertise. Competitive terms of employment and a stimulating working environment with good opportunities for personal and professional development form part of that strategy. By fostering a workplace culture characterised by employee well-being and good working relationships with colleagues we ensure that competent employees are interested in pursuing a career with us. Schibsted undertake annual working environment surveys. The results are studied in detail and action is taken where required.

The companies’ working environment committees are continuously striving to promote a good working environment and so to minimise the chance of discrimination among employees in the workplace.

Together with all the great people working in Schibsted, we wish to create and encourage an inspiring climate where ideas and thoughts can flourish and grow.