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From the very beginning, Schibsted has been a company with the consumer at heart. We are proud to embrace our mission of ”Empowering people in their daily life”. This is also our guiding principle when it comes to social responsibility. At Schibsted we care about our users and readers and our own people. And we care about the world around us.

At Schibsted we believe that we can have a great social impact, together within our group and together with our users.

Within all of our lines of businesses, we have the opportunity to improve society – through high quality journalism, with democratised trade and transparent marketplaces. And by enabling people to live more environmentally friendly by trading second hand.

So, being socially responsible is in our legacy. And in our future.

Schibsted’s fundament is about freedom of speech and democracy. Our media houses have a mission to investigate and inform. We give people a voice and we tell stories that otherwise would not be told. Journalism is a powerful tool to influence society and to empower people with information and arenas for debate.

In a time when media houses all over the world are challenged, we see it as our mission to build strong digital media houses, explore new ways of publishing and safeguard peoples’ right to free and independent journalism.

From the first spark we have been entrepreneurs. We believe in using new technology and investing in innovative solutions. Being a consumer centric company at heart, Schibsted is proud to open up marketplaces and offer services that transfer power to our users.

Our online services have dramatically strengthened peoples’ influence. With Lendo, Comprizer, Penger, Kundkraft and Prisjakt consumers are empowered to make informed decisions – forcing companies to do their best. Whether you need to take a loan or buy a car – the terms have changed with digital services where people make better deals. Trade has thus been democratized.

With our online marketplaces, we have created an arena for reuse where people can buy and sell things peer to peer instead of buying new stuff. The environmental effect of this is tremendous. In a project we call The Second Hand Effect we have calculated what this means in CO2. We now know how much CO2 is potentially saved from one year’s trade on eight of our marketplaces.

When summarizing the effect from Leboncoin in France, Blocket in Sweden, Vibbo in Spain, Finn in Norway and Subito in Italy, it adds up to 16.3 million tons CO2e!  This huge amount of greenhouse gas is the equivalent of flying an Airbus 380 around the globe 1,400 times. Or putting a total standstill of the traffic in Paris for almost six years.

In Sweden alone the trade on Blocket during one year saves 0.8 million tons of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of all the traffic in Stockholm standing still for one year. Schibsted’s classified sites operate in 22 markets around the world. Imagine the impact of that on the environment, on the production chain and on consumer behaviors. Every individual using these services has the power to help reduce the environmental impact in everyday life.

Providing consumers with innovative, high quality and user friendly products and knowledge makes Schibsted a driving force in the digital transformation of society, thereby empowering people to influence, learn and interact and to be a part of a new world of opportunities.

At Schibsted we are visionaries, journalists and entrepreneurs, builders and idea creators. But everyone share a dream of change: we hope to make life a little bit easier and the world a little bit better for our users.

This is how we care about people and the world around us.