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This statement is made by Schibsted Media Group (Schibsted) and refers to the financial year of 2017. It is Schibsted’s first Transparency Statement pursuant to section 54(1) of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. The statement outlines the initial steps taken by Schibsted to identify and mitigate the potential risks of modern slavery related to its business operations and supply chain.


Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with 8000 employees in 22 countries. The group is headquartered in Norway and has subsidiaries located in the United Kingdom. Through online classified markets, media houses and investments in growth companies, Schibsted engages millions of people worldwide every day. For more detailed information on our businesses and operations, see here.

Schibsted Media Group is a participant member of the UN Global Compact and we are committed to make its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company. Schibsted Media Group supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and demands the same from our business partners. Schibsted also respect and support internationally proclaimed labor rights and we will not use child- or forced labor. Schibsted ensures that its operations do not cause any infringement with such labor rights, including occupational health and safety.

For our marketplace operations, responsible business implies creating marketplaces that are reliable, efficient, and safe for our users. Our classifieds sites work proactively to prevent various forms of undesirable activity such as advertising of illegal or unethical products, illegal marketing, and fraud. Please also refer to the Sustainability Report.

As a media group, Schibsted’s supply chain mainly consists of suppliers providing IT services, data center services, printing services, paper for our newspapers, IT-hardware, event services, content moderation services and distribution of newspapers. Most of our supplies are sourced locally by each company.

Schibsted has initiated the process of mapping and analyzing our supply chain. Our first step has been to enter into dialog with key suppliers. Our Marketplaces Leboncoin and Blocket have initiated supply chain analyses in their own operations, aimed at identifying risks and opportunities to ensure that the goods and services they receive are delivered on fair terms.

During 2018 Schibsted will introduce a project to identify the overall scope of our supply chain and identify high-risk partners group wide. We are also aware that we need to continue to improve our practices. We have identified areas for further investigation and improvement and plan to continue to develop our approach by taking the following steps:

Further investigate and engage with higher risk suppliers on the issue of modern slavery;

Identify and implement key policies and processes including those relating to our internal working practices to ensure that the risks of modern slavery are appropriately managed; and

Develop and implement a set of specific key performance indicators and related monitoring in relation to modern slavery