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Other engagements

Schibsted Media Group has subsidiaries in countries across the world and within different business areas. Because most of our subsidiaries operate under national brands, Schibsted Media Group’s approach has been to let the subsidiaries select and decide which charitable or community cause (if any) is the best strategic fit with their brand and core operations. Some of the initiatives have grown internally from our engaged employees, whereas others are strategic partnerships. When a critical crisis emerge, like the refugees fleeing to Europe, our different companies take different actions. This section lists a variety of our philanthropic and charitable work from our subsidiaries.


The refugees in Europe

In September 2015 Europe realized the magnitude of the refugee crisis. Individuals, authorities, organisations and companies all wanted to help. At Schibsted a number of initiatives within the different companies in Scandinavia and Europe were taken. One of them meant that we actually set out to save lives. Together with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and our Swedish users, Schibsted Sweden funded two lifeboats in the Mediterranean. All in all almost 2 000 lives were saved.

Other actions:
• In a collaboration with the Red Cross the inventory at some 40 sites was dedicated to get the Red Cross message out and help funding.
• At Aftonbladet a campaign to list initiatives engaged thousands of people.
• At Finn, another Red Cross campaign resulted in 1 million NOK in funding in just a week.
These are just a few examples. Our companies are raising money, clothes and supplies and more initiatives are being planned.


Blocket’s partnership with the children’s charity Retoy

Teaching sustainability through play Blocket has a strategic partnership with, a charity that creates arenas and events where children discover how fun and easy it is to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. At the events, children practice sustainable consumption in toy swap bazaars, and recreate new toys from old toys and recycled materials in Retoy Labs. Through participating in these events the children also learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Blocket supports the charity through quarterly donations and employee participation in Retoy’s events.


Let’s Deal and Let’s Give

Let’s Give is the link between the members of Let’s Deal (our site in Sweden, which offers good deals to consumers) and charitable organizations in Sweden. The goal of the initiative is to make it easier for Swedes to contribute with financial donations to charities across the country. Examples of causes that have raised money is organizations working on cancer research, improving the environment, and helping children with serious illnesses make their dreams come true. Let’s Deal, at it’s members, believe in contributing to a better society – now and in the future.

In 2014 Let’s Give helped charities collect more than SEK 300 000. So far in 2015, Let’s Give has collected more than 170 000 to organizations such as Suicide Zero, Clowns without Borders, Sweden for UNHCR and the Swedish Dog Protection Association.

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DoneDeal Foundation

Every second month, our Irish classifieds site DoneDeal runs #DoneDealCharityMonth. For each charity month, 3 charities are chosen by different members of staff at DoneDeal and for the duration of that month, 10 percent of the cost of placing a paid ad with DoneDeal goes directly to the designated charity. The money raised is split equally between three worthy organizations. Over €1million has been raised by DoneDealers since they started fundraising for charities in 2010.

The DoneDeal Foundation focuses on charities that operate in four main categories: people, education, health, and animals. Using the power of e-commerce on the DoneDeal site, the foundation supports multiple charities by providing funding that can significantly impact the work they do. Funding is designed to ensure the effectiveness, impact, and long-term success of individual charities and groups. The foundation also supports communications efforts by advertising through its commercial site to raise awareness about the organization and increase its impact.

Also, the Dogs section of the site raises funds throughout the year to help fund various NGOs via the PetAware Project.

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