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Innovation and entrepreneurship is at the heart and soul of Schibsted. It is what we are made of and it is the road into the future. We believe that these two pillars are crucial to a sound and prosperous society, and the way to empower individuals and companies within Schibsted and in the world around us.

It started back in 1860 in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Christian Schibsted’s life’s work, the print shop, was dying. He needed new customers and solved the problem himself – by starting the newspaper Aftenposten. This was the start of a remarkable journey for Schibsted Media Group. Innovation and entrepreneurship have been cornerstones in our business ever since. Along comes a strong belief that new ideas and engaged individuals are crucial for the development of society.

Smart solutions, ever so small, are often the ignition to big changes. To nourish and encourage creativity and ideas is what helps us develop the world together with our users.

On May 14 in 1860, Christian Schibsted started the presses in his print shop again, this time loaded with his new vision – his own newspaper! Christian Schibsted ventured into new territory and created a modern arena for news and exchange of ideas, products and services – an important platform for a democratic society and a daily help in the everyday life of his readers.

Aftenposten was born.

About that same time, in the neighbouring country of Sweden, another entrepreneur had started a similar project. It was an impossible project by the standards of the time. In a society with strict social hierarchies and boundaries, Lars-Johan Hierta provided a voice that provoked, changed and equalized. A voice that challenged the conventional.

He created the newspaper Aftonbladet.

These two entrepreneurs managed their newspapers with passion. Their creations were expression of their ideas, their beliefs in freedom, equality, justice, sense and sensibility.

Schibsted Media Group has, in many ways, come a long way since the birth of these two ancestors. But in some ways, we haven’t moved at all.

Efforts to innovate society and markets are the same. From empowering people with news and opinions, innovative companies like Blocket, Infojobs and Lendo have broadened the perspective. We are now able to serve people in all areas of theier daily lives whether they want to be informed, need to take a loan, buy a car or try to get a job. And the journey continues. Looking for new ideas and innovative solutions is our way to improve our readers’ and users’ daily life and improve society.