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Future Report – A trend outlook

At Schibsted we are passionate about new things and curious about the future, always looking at the world around us and embracing changes in society and among our users. This is how we evolve, and we want to share our insights. To demonstrate this and to spread some af all the knowledge that is flowing in our company, since 2014 we publish Schibsted Media Group Future Report – our very own take on consumers, trends and technology.

”People have always tried to foresee or predict the future. We are curious by nature. To always look ahead, to gain knowledge, learn new things and discover the world again and again is part of the big adventure of being human.”

With these words Schibsted’s CEO, Rolv Erik Ryssdal, introduced the first edition of Schibsted Media Group Future Report.

In our company a lot of people are out there learning new stuff, gathering trends, finding inspiration and coming up with new ideas. This is how we develop and find new solutions that will serve our users.

We are also eager to listen to wise people outside our companies and happy if they want to contribute to an open discussion about the future and our businesses.

The Future Report is an attempt to gather and understand some of the latest digital trends. It is our take on some of the profound changes in user behaviour and technology that are revolutionising people’s everyday life all over the world – and the opportunities that these changes offer.

We want to spread this knowledge among our companies and to the world around us to create an understanding about challenges and opportunities and to start a conversation about the future.

We hope that the Future Report is inspirational and useful, and a chance for more people to get to know Schibsted’s great people and companies.

”It’s exciting and inspiring to gather the latest trends. Future Report becomes a knowledge bank for the whole of Schibsted, and a way to connect with the world around us”, says Lena K Samuelsson, Executive Vice President Communications and CSR.