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What’s your idea? – Challenging students

Who will come up with the next brilliant digital idea that revolutionises our lives or changes a small but significant habit? None of us knows. But we do know that we need to encourage young peoples’ initiatives and help giving them tools to grow. To do so Schibsted in Sweden challenged students to come up with their best ideas on how to use technology to simplify life.

In 2015 Schibsted Sweden, together with partner Universum, announced the contest What´s your idea? – digital idea of the year. The contest is one of several themes included in the annual event Student of the Year.

The task was to create an idea that would simplify every day life, or help making every day choices easier. And it came with a reminder: the greatest ideas are often obvious – once you get them.

The eight finalists were invited to an asset day in Schibsted’s headquarters and the winner got a two months internship at Schibsted Growth/Personal Finance and were presented at the event Student of the day in March 2015.

On February 17, eight excited finalists came to visit. They presented their ideas to a Schibsted jury, got feedback, were interviewed individually and worked together on one specific case. They all had different backgrounds, but a common interest in and knowledge of technology.

So who won and what idea did the jury like the best? This is the motivation: The idea ”Looptime” is built to shape a modern digital service where costumers can optimize and administrate their housing loan in a transparent environment and be aware of opportunities as well as risks…”

The jury also stated that the winner is a person with great ambitions and curiousity.


Joachim Thomson, a student at Stockholm Royal institute of Technology (KTH) – and also the creator of “Looptime”.

His name is Joachim Thomson, 26, a student at Stockholm Royal institute of Technology (KTH), where he and some fellow students came up with the idea. Joachim is studying Master of Engineering in industrial economy.

”To me the award is important because it shows that people believe in our idea and that we can go on developing it”, says Joachim.

To Schibsted this is a way to find talents who can help us keep being innovative and encourage the spirit of young entrepreneurship.

Joachim also has an advice to everyone out there searching for good ideas:

”Go running! I always get my best ideas when exercising.”

So what´s your idea? If you´re a student; start running! From December 7, 2015 you can enter your contribution at Last date to apply is January 17, 2016.