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When we do our job at our best words change society to the better – that is the power of journalism. Journalism puts inequality in the open, opens up eyes, puts pressure on politicians to act and makes people heard. This is the core of Schibsted’s media houses and a unique tool to empower people in their daily lives.

They are always out there, 24 hours a day. Countless stories get published at our sites and in our newspapers. Some are mere snapshots of information, others breaking news or revealing, investigative pieces of journalism. Behind lies a passion of telling the truth, getting information out in the open and finding stories that otherwise never would have been told, and always listening to the world around us in order to understand what is important to people and individuals.

It is only together with readers and users that we can make a difference, and when they tell their stories, we all listen.

Some of these stories changes society. They force politicians, institutions or companies to act. They change peoples’ views and thoughts and make us wiser. Other stories inspire us all to take action or maybe change our habits and mindset. Sometimes they just make us happy or proud.

At Schibsted we are very proud of our media houses. This is where we started and this is how we can continue to be a strong force in society.

Of course we also want to contribute to society in lots of other ways.

Our different companies are engaged in numerous charity programmes and take different actions. We’ve listed some examples under Other engagements. 

Some companies also make special efforts in-house, often when an important issue within their line of business needs to be addressed. As Infojobs’ goal to help 1 million people finding jobs or when the crisis in Swedish schools reached a breaking point and Svenska Dagbladet found a way to support teaching.