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Helping people help each other

Do you know a place that needs some freshening up – perhaps a youth club or a home for elderly? Then you can turn to Finn – Schibsted marketplace in Norway. Finn Hjerterum is a fund that helps you to make it nice for someone else – using secondhand stuff.

In December 2015, the idea Finn Hjerterom (literally Find Heartroom) was born through the annual “finnovation” days. Finn Hjerterom started as a response to a societal and human challenge in Norway – many refugees continued to live at refugee reception centers, although they had the right to residency. Lack of municipal housing forced them to stay. Finn teamed up with the Norwegian Red Cross and created a platform where landlords and refugees looking for a home could meet, using Finn’s existing platform and tech competence. The feedback from the municipalities was positive, and it all became a great example of collaboration.

Next step was launching the Finn Hjertrom Fund that supports heartwarming projects. The fund will spend 500 000 NOK each year to support local causes that spread happiness and humanity, using secondhand goods.

“We want to join the positive force that we see in many of our users. There is so much warmth and generosity around, and if we can help encourage and enable more projects and dreams to come true, it makes us happy. There are many enthusiasts who use Finn to make life better for others”, says Anders Skoe, CEO of Finn.

The fund started off with a pilot project at Hammersborg youth club in Oslo, to see what kind of tangible results they could get by combining goods displayed at Finn, local enthusiasm and funding from the Hjerterom Fund. The result was a youth club with inspirational and colorful new premises decorated by Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll – and a bunch of happy kids!

In another project the fund has supported a facelift of a nursing home that lacked that cosy feeling you’d like to have. Thanks to Finn Hjerterum the inhabitants got a new nice living room – and a bar.

Now anyone who wants to help out, making life a little better for others, can apply to the fund. A jury of Finn employees and partners will review the applications.

Finn expects and hope that the combination of people with genuine generosity and use of secondhand goods from Finn will lead to projects that make a positive difference for local communities, and the funding from the Hjerterom Fund will help realize such projects.

Finn Hjerterom