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The future of journalism

At Schibsted we have seven media houses that reach millions of readers, digitally and in print. They are all part of upholding democracy and keeping our society informed and engaged. Schibsted believes in the future of journalism and takes on the challenges that come with new behaviours and new technology.

Telling the story is in essence what journalism is about. And we have a long and proud history of engaging millions of readers in stories, whether its about a human disaster or reporting local news. We raise opinions, put pressure on those in power and give voice to those who don’t have one. This is an important mission and it is the very foundation of the Schibsted legacy. As a corporation we are also safeguard freedom of the press and we have high ambitions about the future of publishing.

That’s why Schibsted believes and invests in journalism. In the digital age we are building our media houses to meet new challenges.

We are embracing and developing new technology to find the best way to deliver news and give the users the best possible experience. We share knowledge on how to continuously improve reporting and organisations and we follow our user’s needs and behaviors closely.

We have some of the best reporters and news leaders in the business. Brave and competent people covering complex issues and curious people looking with excitement at the future ahead.

To ensure that our staff is updated on trends, has a secure ethical foundation and is able to take advantage of new technologies, we have our own training program. Every year, Schibsted Journalism Academy educates and trains 200 editors and reporters. Our masterclasses in news management, data driven journalism and social media develops the most qualified specialists in the industry.

Every year, we also celebrate our finest journalistic achievements with Schibsted Journalism Awards, rewarding the group’s best stories, methods and techniques, in order to help and inspire journalists and their media houses to further develop their work and products.

One thing is for sure – our users want news and stories, and they trust in us to be independent, trustworthy and relevant. We know that we need to listen to them to earn their appreciation and to be able to empower them with news and information.

This is how we keep taking part in upholding democracy and to be arenas for open debates and broad perspectives.

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